Laser Capilaries Removal

Your capillaries are the smallest blood vessels in your body that connect arteries to veins. When these capillaries narrow or widen to quickly, the thin capillary walls can tear, and blood can seep out, giving your skin the appearance of thin red or purple lines. While these lines often are not painful, they can be displeasing in appearance, which is why treatments, such as laser treatments are used to remove them.

Broken Capillary Causes

Broken capillaries occur where the skin is the most thin or sensitive, such as the face–especially the cheeks and nose. Events such as hot weather, strong winds, a sunburn, pressure or trauma to the face or other conditions, such as rosacea, can cause broken capillaries. Dry skin also is considered more at risk for broken capillaries.

Lasers and Capillaries

For those who suffer from broken capillaries, lasers are used to deliver targeted treatment to the skin. Laser light energy is concentrated on the targeted vein. Energy is then transferred from the laser to the vein and absorbed by the blood vessels, which causes the vessel to clog. Because the vessel no longer transports blood, it is then absorbed by the body, eliminating the appearance of broken capillaries.

Treatments Required

The number of treatments needed to fully eliminate broken capillaries varies based on the number and appearance of broken capillaries. A large network of capillaries may take several treatments, while smaller capillaries may disappear after one treatment. Treatments typically last for 30 minutes or less.

Side Effects

Side effects associated with the broken capillary laser treatment include pain at the time of treatment, which is often described as like a snap of a rubber band. Patients may experience redness or swelling following treatment as well as crusting at the treatment site.

How to take Care After Treatment

Only wash the treated area with cold or tepid water. Avoid using strongly scented lotions, soaps and exfoliating creams. Be gentle and avoid excessive scrubbing. If you must use makeup, only use mineral makeup.

The redness will gradually subside over the next 4 days. In some cases it lasts up to 4 weeks. Until the redness has resolved, Results Laser hair removal Clinic suggests you avoid all of the following


The use of AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) or Vitamin A products

Swimming pools and spas with multiple chemicals/chlorine

Activities that cause excessive perspiration.


You may use Real Results Recovery Gel (offered exclusively at Results Laser hair removal Clinic Sydney Melbourne and Brisbane) as often as you like after your vein removal treatment, as the active ingredient has a cool calming agent. Always remember to apply your SPF 30+ sunscreen everyday to protect your skin from the Australian sun.



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